Katharina Davoudian is a Toronto-based artist and writer. Her work emphasizes vivid and bold colours, aiming to evoke an emotional perception from its audience. Colours dominate each artwork, guiding her creative process and defining the piece’s atmosphere and story.

Up close, each painting is chaotic. By solely using palette knives, countless layers are applied to produce a thick, dimensional texture. This technique blurs the work’s lines, reducing one’s focus to its colours and textures. With distance, composition and structure become visible, which inform the colours of the artwork.

At times, her creative process involves an emotional connection to her piece, where paint is used to draw upon her experiences. She aims to translate this into the audience’s experience, in which a piece can be felt in addition to being seen. To her, feeling and seeing an artwork adds a dimensional and poetic quality, an experience which her grandfather, Vasyl Hlynchak Sr., defined as poeticism.

For inquiries, please email contact@katharinadavoudian.com.